NFT Heart

Utility NFT*

Besides the artwork, this NFT is a key to many beautiful, valuable & rare things in real life.

It is a game changer.

It may even be the only NFT utility you really need.

Limited to 100,000 pieces, each holder experiences a unique journey in real life & into the world of new technologies. Become a part of the Metaverse of The Garden of Eden!

But first things first.
What does the NFT Heart do for you?

*Utility NFTs are NFTs with use cases beyond just being unique digital assets. They are NFTs which grant their owner privileges, rights, or rewards which they would not otherwise be able to access.

NFTs Heart minted

on sale at Opensea

number of NFTs sold

Unit Price, ETH

retained for participating ventures & project helpers, marketing & PR

1. New acquaintances

New technologies created by human must primarily serve the well-being of people. This is our meta.

Friendships can develop from fleeting acquaintances.
All NFT holders have the same interests and pursue identical goals. This strengthens the community and opens up new perspectives for each individual participant.

Show your NFT in your wallet in restaurants, clubs and hotels around the world and enjoy numerous surprises!

2. Stay on earth

Linking new technologies to the real world is NFT Heart’s core mission. The benefits of NFT must be real and tangible. This is our claim.

NFT Heart gives you access to numerous amenities in your normal physical everyday life on Earth. You get wonderful offers from small companies and big global corporations. Services or products – everything is possible.

First and foremost, you will enjoy special benefits in restaurants, clubs and hotels.

The NFT Heart legitimizes you.

3. Divide – not rule

Greed is not a good advisor. Created values should be distributed in part. We are largely altruistic.

Therefore, for every 10,000 NFTs sold, great events and sweepstakes are realized for participants. Once all NFTs have been sold, a lottery for a house takes place under regulated supervision. You say where and we will have your home built for you.

The NFT Heart is your participation certificate.

4. To the moon or further?

Metaverse. We build the world as we like it. Really.

With every NFT sold, we contribute half of the revenue to programming our own Metaverse. We are funded by the community – no investors!
Every NFT Heart holder gets plenty of space in the Metaverse. The possibilities are endless.

The NFT Heart is the key.

Let’s go for it!

Who we are

My name is Raphael Dudler and I am the owner of this project. I manage all aspects of the project that have to do with creativity and I am responsible for the acquisition of ventures.

I also manage all promotional activities related to NFT Heart.

The team around me consists of 4 good friends who are busy programming all the necessary things related to the project. Together we represent a strong troop.

We finance everything ourselves. The majority of all income is realized by selling the NFTs.

We use the largest part of all revenues for the development of the Metaverse. The second large part is spent on advertising the entire project.

A third part is donated to the community in the form of non-cash prizes in competitions and as fan merchandise, thus flowing back to the holders.

The rest of all income is used to secure our existence and is used for wages and supplier invoices.

We allow ourselves to keep 1% from all resales.
It is our donation percentage. We use all income from it as donations to various relief organizations against hunger and poverty in the world.

The NFT Heart offer is firmly linked to the newly created movement around gastronomy and the hotel industry called GASTROTATION.
Via the GASTROTATION website, we offer the gastronomy and hotel industry the opportunity to connect with the NFT Heart. Therefore, we have outsourced all work related to the NFT Heart to GASTROTATION.

How do we communicate?

We do not have Discord. Our focus is especially on X.

Once the project has progressed, NFT holders can log in to this website. There they will find out where and which amenities await them thanks to the NFT Heart.

All contests and gift promotions will also be posted in the members area.
All drawings for contests are conducted and filmed under notary supervision in Switzerland. Recordings are then published and winners are announced in this way.

Questions can be written to our email address

We wish all participants an exciting and fantastic time!

Facts & Progress

We like transparency in everything we do.
Some important figures about the NFT Heart project.

Good to know

Our metaverse is structured differently than what you may already know. We are decentralized. Equal opportunities for all!

This means that each participant stands in the middle of the metaverse. Clumping and dominance of individuals are thus excluded.

Each NFT Heart includes an island – your island for free use. Whether private or as your business platform – you decide.

If NFTs are available on the secondary market, then we have no control over prices. Price for one NFT is always 0.09 ETH on the primary market. If NFTs are available on the secondary market, pricing is beyond our control.

You are of course free to purchase additional NFTs (islands). The location of the island is automatically given for each NFT. It is unlikely that you will be able to operate multiple islands side by side. But this is good for you, because this way your interests can be scattered far in the metaverse. Thus, by chance, you increase the probability of new contacts with like-minded people or customers.

The Garden of Eden Metaverse is a sphere. A planet with water and islands. There are 100’000 islands in total. Plenty of room for discovery. You navigate in eight directions. And you are free in your decision.

A search function for topics, interests or brands is clearly available.

NFTs Heart minted

on sale at Opensea

retained for participating ventures & project helpers, marketing & PR


Progress on The Garden of Eden Metaverse

number of NFTs sold

draws made

number of distributed NFTs

participating ventures

VIP visitor badges (NFTs) with advanced features for Metaverse, minted

on sale at Opensea

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Move with the times – come with us!

Present your products and services to an international, crypto- and technology-savvy audience. Contact us and find out in detail all the possibilities how you can get the best out of the future for you and your own business together with us.


Linth-Escher-Weg 3
CH-8856 Tuggen

phone: +41 43 539 74 43